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We specialize in providing housing and building solutions for tropical climate, islands and remote places with limited accessibility and facilities.

There are many places in ASEAN and Pacific Islands where ports, paved roads and utility (electricity and water) do not exist. The lack of local building materials and skilled labour make these places difficult to build reliable and cost effective housing. To make matter worse, there is no shortage of natural disasters to take down poorly built houses.

In view of these challenges, Grenzone housing solutions are designed and fabricated with 3 guiding principles:

  • Strong but light weight
  • Minimalist but elegant
  • Healthy, comfortable and energy efficient by design

We offer the following to meet different requirements:

Standard prefab homes

  • Most relevant for small quantity, places without construction expertise and lack of local building materials. Expensive labour and short building time frame.
  • Layout, drawings, specs of ED36 … 52, 60 etc …
  • Selection of wall types, windows and doors.
  • Rapid installation
  • Build-it-yourself

Standard semi-prefab

  • Prefab steel structures and roof support
  • Wall, windows and doors are locally sourced.
  • Suitable to places with local building materials and skilled labor.
  • Can be constructed rapidly and allow for some changes along the way
  • Layout, drawings but show a variety of doors and windows.
  • Allow innovative combination of local materials such as bamboo, compressed earth brick, hemp panels and others.

Customized prefab

  • You provide your own design and we can prefab the steel structures
  • Row houses
  • Medium Rise Building

Housing Type

  • Affordable housing
  • Eco-village
  • Environmentally friendly Resorts
  • Marketplace, shops and kiosks
  • Small green and friendly industry and commercial buildings
  • Buildings on islands and remote stations
  • Dormitory


Plan, design, fabricate, supply, training, supervise.

We can also assist you on master plan of an entire site especially if you are developing an eco-village including on-site waste water treatment, water supply and electricity.