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Renewable Energy


The use of fossil fuels to generate electricity has already been identified as a major contributor to global warming and climate change. Many countries have already made plans to reduce their fossil fuel consumption and increased the contribution of renewable energies in total energy supply. One of the commonly used renewable energy sources is the sun and the use of photovoltaic cells to convert solar radiation into electricity is rapidly expanding throughout the world.

Photovoltaic Power Plant

Photovoltaic Power Plant is a large-scale photovoltaic power system that generates power at utility level.

GRENZONE offers turnkey solution with value-added solutions to maximize the energy yield of the photovoltaic power plant.

Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Power System

The idea of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is to have photovoltaic panels be used to replace conventional building materials in parts of the building envelope such as the roof, skylights, or facades. They are increasingly being incorporated into the construction of new buildings as a principal or ancillary source of electrical power, although existing buildings may be retrofitted with BIPV modules as well.

The advantage of integrated photovoltaic over more common non-integrated systems is that the initial cost can be offset by reducing the amount spent on building materials and labour that would normally be used to construct the part of the building that the BIPV modules replace. In addition, since BIPV are an integral part of the design, they generally blend in better and are more aesthetically appealing than other solar options. These advantages make BIPV one of the fastest growing segments of the photovoltaic industry.

GRENZONE’s HyRoof™ System is a multifunction Photovoltaic Power System and a renaissance in roofing solution. It goes beyond the function of a traditional roof which protects us from rain and shine.

Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Power System

Grid-tied photovoltaic power system is a system that is connected to the utility. The electricity harnesses from the sun through the solar array will be converted by an inverter. The system owner can either consume the electricity directly or sell any excess power back to the utility grid. No more looking at your electrical meter turning at heart-racing speed. Experience reduction to your monthly utility bill.

Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Power-System

Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Power Systems are popular in places that are away from the power grid and it had become an integral solution for rural electrifications. The electricity generated is used to power basic DC applications such as lights, water pumps for irrigation and drinking water, radio, television, etc.
Besides rural segment, the solution can well be applied to Industrial & Telecommunications and Leisure & Recreation segment.

Hybrid Power System

Hybrid Power System optimizes and combines different types of energy sources to provide high quality power. Solar power is highly dependent on weather and therefore there are times when demand cannot be met by one single source of energy. There are many advantages to combine these various sources of energy together to provide better efficiency and reduce operation cost.

Pico-Micro Utilities System (PMUS) is a hybrid electrical power system developed by GRENZONE that provides affordable electricity to communities without a reliable utility grid. The system has Photovoltaic System as its main energy source and a battery bank to store excess energy.  Besides, it can also take inputs from other energy sources such as AC Diesel Genset and AC Grid Power.  Such “hybrid inputs” feature makes PMUS a reliable utility system that is capable of providing continuous and un-interrupted power.

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